Garage Door Service Gastonia : Springs

We are the place that understands mechanism of garage doors as well as the Romans and Greeks did; actually, we understand them even better! We work with you to provide services regarding replacement and repair of springs that are the main element of garage door operations. Read on for more information on one of the most important aspects of the garage door – garage door springs. Of course, if you have any questions, simply pick up the phone and give us a call.


A pair of stretched springs runs parallel to the tracks on which the hinges of garage door panels roll. They are connected with pulleys on either side of the door through a torsion tube. When the door is lifted, it is lifted through springs connected to the pulleys. The counterbalance cables that run through the pulleys help. The mechanics of the operation are provided by the springs that we works on. We provide repair, replacement and guidance regarding the springs that are used in your doors. You can call us for any questions regarding your door mechanism and door safety and we will fulfill your needs.

Safety is most important when dealing with garage doors and Garage Doors Service Gastonia knows that. Garage doors are extremely heavy with many parts under extreme tension or force. Everything from adding designs, glass, fiber glass and even paint adds to the weight of the doors. Injuries can occur due to garage doors which most commonly are due to falling garage doors due to uneven distribution of tension on the springs or a spring needing replacement by our team.

You need help of professionals like us which can provide thrift repairs for your faulty springs. Unfortunately, garage door repairs are overlooked which can prove to be dangerous and damaging for you, for your car and for the door itself because a garage door with a faulty and broken spring can fall with a tremendous force. That is why children must never be allowed near moving garage doors. Garage Doors Service Gastonia can provide you with the necessary guidance and precautions regarding parts of the door that can prove to be a threat.

Springs and their Life

Springs, like all machines have a life of their own. They depreciate and degenerate with each cycle of operation. One cycle consists of opening and closing of the door once. Most garage door springs have a life of ten thousand to fifteen thousand cycles. Garage Doors Service Gastonia in NC strives to provide you with the best springs available to prolong the replacement and repair of the springs. Some garage door spring providers, very rarely, can supply springs that have a life of thirty thousand cycles. The life of the spring depends a lot on the amount of weight that it is required to lift. It also depends on the quality of repair that is provided to it. Choose Garage Doors Service Gastonia since we know what is good for your doors.