Garage Doors Service Gastonia : Openers

Safety is something that is very important, not just for homeowners, but also for us. We do what we can to make your experience of owning a garage door opener as smooth and worry-free as possible. As part of this concern, the Garage Doors Service Gastonia personnel can also provide homeowners with tips on how best to use the garage door opener safely. Here are some of the key tips.

If there are children in the house, it is important that they be taught how to act around the garage door. They must realize that the garage door opener is not a toy, and that the garage door is something to be careful around. It is not a good idea to try to run under a garage door which is closing, in order to beat it.

Children must also be advised to keep their hands away from any of the moving parts of a garage door opener. In line with this, our technicians also assist with child safety by making sure that any switch or keypad used to open the garage door is located high enough so that a small child will not be able to reach and play with it. Child safety is something that we puts a high value on.


Another place where the Garage Doors Service Gastonia can offer added safety is regarding carbon monoxide. If a homeowner is concerned that there might be too much carbon dioxide getting trapped inside a garage, the We can help by installing a garage door system with an integrated carbon monoxide sensor. If this sensor detects that carbon monoxide levels are above normal, it automatically activates the garage door opener, the door opens, and fresh air is able to enter the garage. So this is another way that we can safeguard your health.

Garage door openers also come with a safety reverse system. This means that while a garage door is closing, if it makes contact with a solid object and encounters resistance, the door will automatically go into reverse. So for example, if the garage door makes contact with a person while closing, it will stop and reverse itself so that the person will not get pinned under the door. Our team can conduct regular tests of this safety reverse system to make sure that it works properly.

A secondary safety system is also installed in a garage door opener. This can be in the form of photoelectric eyes or an electric safety edge. These provide another layer of security so that you, your kids and your pets are better protected from

possible injury. Now, the secondary safety system will require regular maintenance as well, to make sure that it is working well. For greater peace of mind, please feel free to call us . We stand ready to install, maintain and repair your garage door opener so that it works smoothly, and so that all its built-in safety mechanisms are operational.